IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

A complex Banking transaction, voice and video calls or Aircrafts in the air communicating to satellites and ground for navigation, all depend up on a robust IT Hardware infrastructure in place. Without the Infrastructure, no cloud would exist; no easy banking would be in place, no social media or a search engine can thrive. That’s why all essential services, telecom companies, airlines and even militaries, air forces and navy around the world needs the right IT infrastructure with the highest availability in place.
Over and above the requirement of an IT infrastructure, all companies now focus on not just deploying a robust, latest infrastructure, but, on cost effective solutions. In today's economic climate, the market demands keep changing dynamically every few months and so does the technology. Over and above the costs of buying the best equipments in the industry, there are also the costs associated in maintaining these equipments, with the right ITIL processes backed IT Infrastructure administration in place.

Choosing the Right Technology and the Right Equipment:

Gone are the days, where there was thrift spending in the IT infrastructure areas and today’s IT leaders are compelled to make the right decisions by choosing the best TCO to ROI and agility without compromising on the quality of the products and the services rendered. CEOs, CIOs and CTOs are tasked with the intricate task of making cost effective choices and striking a balance between the budgets and the needs of the enterprise or their customer. The choices made are vision of the leaders and only the right vision can provide the right ROI. Ever changing technologies and their mandate requirements also pose a threat to the acquired hardware and their usability in the coming years.

Ever Changing Markets:

IT has emerged from a few humble business machines to a mammoth giant connecting
the corners of the globe and even sending signals to the corners of the universe and monitoring for any incoming signals. We have moved from dial-up lines to networks speeds of unimaginable scale and bandwidth.
As well said, “Only Imagination is the limit”. Moving from multiple servers to a converged infrastructure built on Industry proven Virtualization technologies, hosting multiple servers from a single or multiple clustered hosts, consolidating legacy data centers into smaller Software Defined Data Centers are proving to be the corner stone of effective and efficient IT procurement and management.

Overcoming the above Challenges with the right perspective:

We at Forscher Technology Solutions, understand these challenges and think the ways to make the IT leaders the right choices and decisions. That’s why our key mantra is to, “REDUCE – TCO, INCREASE ROI, AGILITY and QUALITY”. Our subject matter experts in all Infrastructure areas focus on.


After choosing the right hardware based on the business requirements today, how long can they cater to the business needs in the coming years, without changing the equipments? We have thought over this one question, over and over again and have hence partnered with the right OEMs to provide solutions to you, that are scalable to your needs and to withstand the business requirements in the coming years. We ensure these technologies adapt and change as required and there is always room for customization when the business is at need, not just when procuring, but, for years to come.


NO COMPROMISE. We have partnered with like minded OEMs, whose intention is to provide the Ultimate in technology and with the best after sales coverage in the Industry. Our pampering of the equipments goes beyond the OEM coverage and our technical experts analyze and assist in management and administration of the assets after the OEM coverage has completed, and as said always, with “No Compromise, On Quality”, because, we at Forscher understand your business demands, nothing less that, “Top Notch”.TCO Vs ROI:“The company in which you improve most, will be least expensive to you” – George Washington.
Forscher assists your business in not jus providing the cost effective solutions, but, have partnered with the best in the industry OEMs, to provide solutions specific to your business needs. Our solutions are aimed at providing the best TCO and implementing the above strategies of Agility and Quality, deliver the best ROI achievable on the IT Infrastructure Investments. We have partnered with the best in Class Storage Subsystem OEMs, Systems and Network Equipment Manufactures and with the Virtualization Solutions to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership and Increase your Return on IT investments in the coming years on the investments in your IT infrastructure portfolio.

Go Green:

While focusing on all the above key areas for our customer’s success, Forscher Technology

solutions ensures that the Carbon Foot Print of your IT infrastructure is soft on Nature. Our goal does not stop at providing efficient, agile and cost effective Enterprise IT solutions with Customer Centric Approach and Zero Outage models, but, also minimize your Carbon Foot Prints, by, Virtualizing your environment with the improved performance and moving away from Conventional Legacy Systems, decreasing the overall operating cost of your Data Center.