Education and Training

Education and Training

“Skill Comes with Training”, as the famous saying goes, but, not” any training”. focused and targeted training from Real Time IT experts is the key to gaining the right knowledge in your chosen field of IT Infrastructure.

Every IT manager in the Industry knows that every bit of data is invaluable and is critical. Managing the IT infrastructure means, managing the data containers and channels, which mounts to Storage, Networks, Servers and Applications hosted on them.

That’s why, at Forscher Technology Solutions, the training comes from Real Time experts, who have spent thousands of hours, implementing, configuring and maintaining mission critical applications on Systems, Storage and Networks. Our subject matter experts have extensive expertise on application integration projects around the globe and have managed state of the art IT infrastructure of major domains such as Banking, Finance, Travel, Aviation and Airports, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Transport systems, Retailing, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile and Computer OEMs.

Classroom Training:

The training programs offered at Forscher Technology Solutions, comes from experts in the industry who have more than 2 decades of IT industry knowledge, implementing and managing the IT Infrastructure equipments of Billon Dollar companies and missions critical environments. We understand the needs of the business to whom the trainee will be working with after the training from FTS. That’s why at FTS, we focus and train the trainees hard on the technology, to assist to compete in the industry to get their vision and technological expertise aligned with the business Needs. Training are meant to be learning-by-doing methodology hence we set up the right Infrastructure to test the concepts learnt and acquired at our labs. Our courses are designed in depth and detail, so that when the trainee reaches the completion of the course, you will have a thorough grasp of your chosen technology.

Classroom training integrated with different technological aspects of Application, Systems, Network and Storage with various architectural flavors applied in entry, mid-range and enterprise levels covering in an evolutionary and transitional manner, detailing both legacy and updated versions of hardware and software.

Corporate Training:

We at Forscher Technology Solutions present to the trainees our Job-Oriented Training Program for your trainees with the best trainers available in each of the IT Infrastructure technology from the Industry. We have hence partnered with the major IT infrastructure OEMs to be at par with the latest from each stream of technology, Systems, Virtualization, Storage, Networks and Applications. FTS provides In-house as-well-as external training. Our courses are designed for the modern business organizations in mind, so that the student of the technology is well versed with the concepts, management and visualization of the technology’s architecture at the end of the course delivery.

Job-Ready Program:

The Job-Ready Program has been specifically designed for College Graduates, who are due for graduation in the coming year. This program comprises of in-depth knowledge and hands-on-lab training in Systems, Virtualization, Storage, Networking and Application. The candidate may choose from a wide range of IT infrastructure technologies to groom themselves to be fit in a ‘Job-Ready’ before they graduate. The courses are tailored with a minimum of 2 Servers, 1 Virtualization, 2 Storage, 1 Networking and 1 Application in the portfolio and can be custom tailored, based on the requirements. The Job-Ready program is also an effective asset to organizations, who wish to train their Interns, for deploying to the Production Floors.