Solaris 10

Training Overview :

Forscher Solutions provides the Solaris 10 Administration program that delivers the knowledge requirements to perform day-to-day management operations on Solaris 10 and its deployed landscapes, within your own or your customer's organization. The training is delivered by Subject Matter Experts currently managing, landscapes in real time environments. The course and its contents are developed by subject matter experts in the Solaris 10 management.

Target Audience and Pre-requistes:

The training course is designed for candidates with no prior Solaris Basic Administration. All trainings are designed and developed from the ground up, by training experts specifically to cater, candidates of all technical back grounds.

Course Duration:

Fast Track - 5 Days

Normal Track - 8 to 10 weekends

Corporates - Custom built per Client requirements and modules

Module 1 - Booting/Shutdwon Procedures

  • Boot Phase

  • Sparc Openboot

  • Modifying Sparc/Intel boot procedures

  • Grub boot loader and Intel BIOS

  • INIT phases, RUN levels and RC scriptsS

  • Shutdown procedures

Service Management Facitity (SMF)

  • SMF environment and structure

  • SMF booting and Services states

  • Managing SMF services

  • Auto SMF state Notification

Installing the Solaris 11

  • Installation - Methods/requirments/consideration

  • Partitioning of DISK

  • Logical disk names and Device drivers

  • SW pakages and Network Configuration

  • Interactive installtion and checking installed system

Module 2 - SW Management

  • Repositories and Package name format

  • Managing packages with pkg commands

  • Listing/Searching/Installing/Updating/checking new and existing packages

  • GUI tool for managing packages

Packages and Patches

  • Displaying software/patches

  • Install software/patches

  • Adding/removing

  • Logfiles

Disk Management

  • Viewing disk info

  • Partitions/Slices

  • Naming conversion

  • Physical device/Logical device/Instance names

  • Block and character devices

  • Configure new disk drivers and partitioning disk

UFS - Unix file system managemtn

  • Disk based FS

  • Main root sub directories

  • Pseudo FS

  • Components of the FS

  • Creating and mounting FS

  • Auto mounting DVD/USB devices

  • Checking FS and disk spaces

  • DF,quot,du commands

  • Freeing disk space with compression utilities

  • Logadm for log files rotating.

Module 3:
UFS backup and restore

  • Backup Policy

  • Archive devices

  • The utility of MT/ufsdump/ufsrestore

  • UFS snapshots


  • ZFS tools

  • Managing ZFS pools with zpool

  • Pool stroage devices

  • Configuration/creating/deleting/viewing pools

  • Managing ZFS FS

  • Creating/destroying/mouting/unmouting FS

  • Snapshots and Clones

  • creating/destroying/displaying snapshots and clones

  • ZFS (read-only/settable native properties

File Permissions

  • Basic/changing/default/extended filer permissions

  • Changing owner and group

Module 4:
User Management

  • User accounts and Files used for creating user

  • Add/modify/deleting a user

  • User group maintenance

  • Password administration/commands/securing login passwords

  • Local and remote loging controls

  • login file and messages of the day file