Cloud Computing - Demystified

What is Cloud Computing ?

It is just synonymous with the Internet. Thats about it.

When you have your applications and hard disk (storage) on a remote machine and access it via the internet, then you are using the cloud service.

The cloud is just another name for the internet. 

Is cloud computing safe and secure ?

That is a very tricky question and the answers are debatable. From the security stand point, the IT industry is yet to reach the point to say, yes.

Is cloud computing for my enterprise ?

From the TCO and ROI standpoint, the cloud systems in  the editors view is a rip-off, of the company money. Setting up your in-house IT infrastructure and the flexibility that comes along with it, is no way comparable to the cloud solutions.

Who are cloud solutions best suited for ?

Cloud in our view, is nothing but a fancy terminology, for that which we have been using already for many years. 

End users who need little computing services or a very specific service, can best utilize the cloud rather than the Enterprises, where the company data and its customer data is of prime importance.