IT Infrastructure Management


Training Overview :

Forscher Technology Solutions provides the Informatica training program that delivers the knowledge requirements to performday-to-day management operations on landscapes that host Informatica, within your own or your customer's organization. The training is delivered by Subject Matter Experts currently managing, landscapes in real time environments. The course and its contents are developed by subject matter experts in managing the Informatica Powercenter

Target Audience and Pre-requistes:

The training course is designed for candidates with no prior Informatica Powercenter management experience. However, basic understanding of Databases and SQL is required All trainings are designed and developed from the ground up, by training experts specifically to cater, candidates of all technical back grounds.

Course Duration:

Fast Track - 5 Days

Normal Track - 10 to 12 weekends

Corporates - Custom built per Client requirements and modules

Module 1: Servers, Virtualization, Networking and Storage

  • Overview of Server, Server Operating systems and Virtualization

  • Overview of Networking and network terminology

  • Overview of Storage concepts such as SAN and NAS

Module 2: Databases and Informatica

  • Understanding Databases and Informatica Relationships

  • Overview of Oracle and SQL

  • Recommended modules and management of SQL

  • Integration of Datawarehousing and Databases

  • Dataware housing (what is Dataware housing /Why Dataware housing/How Dataware housing)

  • Components of Datawarehousing

  • Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD1, SCD2, SCD3)

  • Metadata

  • Dimentional Tables

  • Types Of Dim Tables

  • Fact Table

  • Types of Fact Tables

  • OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing)

  • OLAP (Online Analysis And Processing)


  • Advantages of OLAP

  • Different Methodologies of DWH

Module 3: Informatica Demystified:
  • What is Informatica?

  • Terminologies used in Informatica infrastrcuture

  • Informatica Architecture and Client tools

  • What is ETL ?

  • ETL Terminologies: Flatfile, Workflows, Mapping, Tools and GUI

  • Understanding and Managment of the Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor

  • Concepts in Source qualifier transformation and joins

  • Source qualifier transformation on Relational Databases, File Systems and Filter concepts

  • SQL override in source qualifier transformation

  • Pre SQL and Post in Source Qualifier Transformation

  • Understanding joins and its associated terminology

  • Understanding Designer and its components

  • Understanding Transformations and working on transformations

  • Active vs. passive transformations

  • What are mapplets ?

  • Loads and load strategies in Informatica

  • Informatica parameters: Workflow and session level parameters

  • Workflow Monitoring in Informatica

  • PowerCenter Components and User Interface

Module 4: Indepth understanding of concepts used in Informatica and ETL

  • Flatfile to relational source and target

  • zavigating powercenter designer

  • Understanding Source and Target Analyzer

  • Design a mapping model using Strategies and Routers

  • Sequence Generator Transformation

  • Router Updates and Transformation

  • Unconnected Lookup Transformation

  • Design mappings using Mapping designer

  • Design workflows using Workflow designer

  • Understanding Lookups in Informatica

  • Understanding Aggregator transformations and functions

  • In-depth understanding of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous joins

  • Lookup caching

Module 5: Expression, Filter, File Lists and Workflow

  • Expressions Editor, Filter and Joiner Transformation

  • Lookups and Reusable Transformation

  • File Lists and Workflow Scheduler

  • Understanding Shortcuts

  • Scheduler in Informatica

  • Source Qualifier Override, Target Override and session Task Mapping Overrides

Module 6: Workflow in Informatica:

  • Link conditions and Wokflow variables

  • Task decision and Assignment

  • Email Tasks

  • Re-usable session task and configuration

  • Wokrlets, Timer task and Control tasks

Module 7 : Trouble Shooting Informatica Environments

  • Understand PowerCenter Log files

  • Debugging tools and process for debugging the Informatica environment

  • View and look up error messages

  • Correct mapping and workflow errors

  • Outline Debugger Interface

  • Show creation of a break point

  • Show Evaluate the Expression functionality

  • Re-Execute mapping with different values

  • Event Raise, Wait and Reusable tasks

  • Real-Time issues in a simulated environment

  • Dynamic Lookups and error logging