HR Practice

HR Practice

Recruitment Partnership Services

In the present day, IT ecology, organizations are in demand to tread changes into their enterprises based on multicultural and on-going technological developments. The current economic factors play in a key role in the strategizing the overall vision of the Business Leaders, in leading their organization.

Finding the right skilled expert for your team is a challenge faced by most leading organizations across all industries. We at Forscher Technology Solutions primarily focus on acquiring, proficient and high calibre, trained experts for your organisation and develop a collaborative partnership with you, in assisting the growth you visualize for your organization. Our objective is to demonstrate the desire to not fill positions, but build your organization business goals to achieve a Win-Win situation.

Forscher’s Competency Modelling process is to, benchmark the functions in a diversity of human resource identification activities and build a strategic model for human resources procurement for your organization, and to serve as your partner in assisting your current and future business goals.

Forscher Technology Solutions Recruitment Partnership Services, benefits your organization’s HR team in innovative hiring methodology, where time- money - knowledge is been accommodating for development of new and old business aims. We perform, Direct Hire (Permanent) Staffing, Temporary/ Contract Staffing – Long term & Short term staffing based on your project or time, outsourcing Consulting, a provide a catalogue of fresh technical graduates for your Organization’s Internship Program, thereby, effectively managing the workflow to accomplish immediate and future objectives.

Recruitment Partnership Methodology:

Bird’s Eye view of our recruitment process model:

  • Hygienic screening (skills/ attitudes/ knowledge/ articulations).

  • Technical screening (face to face or Video).

  • Reference background Check (Previous Company/ Current company- through References and reporting managers).

  • Validation on Education, previous and current Work experience and Technical certificates.

  • Frequent follow up until the experts join the selected requirement.

Direct (Permanent) Staffing Process:

At Forscher Technology Solutions, we emphasize on qualified technical skilled expertise. The resources are pre-screened and interviewed by our In-house technical expert team and then shared to the relevant niche open requirements (through various techniques like - calls/face to face discussion/ video conference). Our staffing model focuses on understanding the profile requirements of the organization, technical expertise and experience required at the budgets pre-determined by you. We provide a detailed enlightenment of the job profile and delivery responsibility of the organization to our candidates. We stringently practice, “Systematic follow-up Model”, to ensure the entire process from interview to on boarding of the candidate, flows inline with your organizational standards.

Temporary/ Contract Staffing Process:

Forscher Technology Solutions is eager to assist you, on specialized and temporary staffing requirements to reduce your management overhead, and let us handle your Human Resource requirement, while you can focus on your business. We deliver experts for seasonal work variations, special or critical projects, long term – short term projects, employee long absenteeism in short notice.

Campus Staffing Process:

Forscher Technology Solutions assist fresh graduates with real time in-house projects and assignments, on the Job program which encourages team collaboration, professional development before setting foot on the production floors. We organize in-house speakers and real time technical expertise to motivate fresh graduates in the on-going training on critical requirements.

Outsourcing Consulting Process:

Choosing the right outsourcing partner is of prime importance in taking the right direction towards achieving your business goals. At Forscher Technology Solutions we assist with Off-shore and on-shore outsourcing model. We at Forscher’s believe that flexible trustworthy engagements and a transparent operational model, across our engagements will open doors to new horizons and to provide the most effective solutions for your Human Resource requirements

  • Cost Efficient, ready available experienced professionals.

  • Single point of Contact

  • Transparent and Responsive approach Mechanism

  • Direct interaction with team and stakeholders.

  • Benefit on maximized control on time and productivity.

  • Cultural and Remote communication simplified