Infrastructure Asset Management

At Forscher Technology Solutions, we understand the pulse of a Data Center and that each asset is a component, critical to the entire system. We see the data centre as a massive ecosystem built on server, storage and networking equipments and that each of the component within the system, needs to be at pristine condition, working satisfactorily to the purpose for which it was built.

That is why Forscher Technology Solutions has partnered with OEMs and best support companies from all around the globe, still staying independent of the a specific OEM, to provide the service better than you can expect in the industry. Our dedicated team of engineers and communications experts ensures that we understand your entire system during the on-boarding process and have our partners stock up the hardware relevant to your Data center. In the event of a Component failure in your data center, the event triggered on our system is immediately captured and our field technician nearest to the data center is alerted to proceed to your Data Center for the replacement of the component. By applying the above model, we deliver the “Client First: Restore Service First” promise every day.

We deliver a complete range of Server, Storage and Networking equipments from all Major OEM brands.If your data center has got it, we got it. We provide cost effective solutions and un-paralleled assistance in planning decisions on hardware procurements, with pre-assembled or customized hardware to suit your requirements.

Our Services range from:
  • Delivery of components-on-demand

  • On-call and ad-hoc requests to replace components at your Data Center

  • Enhance the life cycle of your current assets with our in-house maintenance and support which are no longer supported by OEM warranty.

  • Asset Refresh Programs to replace the older hardware with newer devices

  • Designing a new setup for deployment of IT infrastructure

  • Secure disposal services of your used assets

We provide End of Life support of the following equipments and ensure you get maximized returns on your investment on IT assets

IBM | Oracle SUN | HP | DELL | Netapp | EMC | Hitachi | Cisco | Brocade