Data Center Management Solutions

IT serves as the backbone to most of the operations of your organization and maintaining an in-house team to manage your Data Center and the assets can be of an overhead to your business operations. Asset management to employee management may drive your focus off the business. That is why Forscher Technology Solutions is here to serve you, as your partner in managing your Data Center, the assets such as the server, storage and networking equipments in your data center and taking the overhead of employee and asset management off your shoulders, so that you can focus on your business and your vision.

Our teams at Forscher Technology Solutions have a broad area of expertise from Systems to Storage, Backups and Networking Technologies and decades of experience in delivering managed IT services throughout the globe. Our teams come from diversified technological backgrounds and have served customers across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, providing managed services support all round the year. Our “Customer First” attitude puts us ahead of our competitors and our core values are to ensure that the customer’s business and their end users in IT computing receive the best –in-class support services, with no exceptions.

Forscher Technology Solutions has a dedicated team of communications experts for each project who ensure that the management eco-system is free from communication gaps and this model has consistently delivered break-down free support operations. Moreover, our support model for each of our clients are reviewed, analyzed and enhanced to ensure your receive the best customer and technical support in the industry. This support model has gained us, numerous appreciations and satisfied happy customers.

IT Managed Services:

We deliver the following range of services, in line with stringent ITIL processes, so that you can better focus on your core business and be assured of improved gains from your IT operations and reduction in the overall IT operational costs.

  • Level 1 through Level 4 - Service Desk Support

  • Systems Administration across all platforms

  • Storage subsystems configuration, management and administration from multiple OEMs.

  • Network monitoring and Administration

  • Database installation and Management

  • Remote IT Infrastructure support services

  • IT Asset management services

  • Systems Integration Solutions and Consulting:

    Our Solutions teams are awaiting your call to serve you with solutions ranging from

  • Data Center Virtualization and Consolidation

  • System integration services

  • Designing your new scalable infrastructure

  • Improving performance and enhancing the life of your currently owned assets

  • Design, Implement, Monitor and Manage your Storage and Backup Solutions