Asset Procurement:

Whether setting up a new data centre, relocating your data center to a different location, project to perform an asset refresh program or simply replace the broken component in your server, storage or network device, we have customized solutions available for your Data Center.

Your Data Center is a very special entity, since your business churns on those motherboards. Taking care of these assets is a key to ensure that your business flows without any interruptions every day. We at Forscher Technology Solutions provide invaluable timely solutions to our clients on managing their IT assets effectively and procuring the right hardware for their business. Since the relationship of Hardware to software compatibility is the key to get your applications up and running in no time and ensures business continuity, choosing the right hardware and software combination can be a daunting task for your organization.

We at Forscher Technology Solutions have partnered with all Major OEMs of Hardware and Software to ensure that your business continuity has a fluidic flow of the processes and we are here for you to ensure that our experience in the industry will serve to be an asset to your organizational goals and vision.

In today’s economic climate where the new age business leaders are focused to derive the maximum returns on the IT Infrastructure investments, we have solutions readily available to cater to the needs of your business continuity.

Procurement of New Assets:

Our Vendor Neutral support model, has put us on a level field to provide you with the latest technologies in the IT Infrastructure. Moreover, our technological expertise across multiple verticals in the IT Industry will benefit your organization’s vision to derive the best performance and cost effective solutions to your vision.

Extending the life of your existing assets:

Our technological experts are trained to maximize the life of your existing assets and derive the maximum returns on your IT investments. Before discarding or scrapping your existing equipments, talk to us for solutions to extend their life cycle.

We have virtualization solutions, solutions to shrink your budgets for IT by bringing to life the used assets that were refurbished by the OEMs and have major cost cutting on your budgets for IT in the coming years

Softwares and Licensing:

Forscher Technology Solutions team not only assists with improving the ROI on your hardware. We also assist in designing the software to hardware blueprint and implementing the entire solution from procuring the Hardware to software

We are happy to assist you in:

Designing IT solutions | Procuring New Assets, Softwares and licenses |Deploying Refurbished hardware|Maintenance of EOL Hardware